Photo galleries

Here is a collection of photo albums (takes you on Flickr) showcasing our group's various research activities in the field and the lab.

Research site databases

Urban Flux Network

The urban flux network is a web-based database we run at UBC on behalf of the International Association for Urban Climate (ICUC) with the objective of collecting and sharing information about ongoing and discontinued micrometeorological tower sites located in urban environments. The IAUC Urban Flux Network collects and records meta-data (site location, publications, operation periods, urban surface characteristics, photos, contacts, publications etc.) and is part of the global Fluxnet.

Internal documentation

Calibration standard tanks

Browse our current and past available standard tanks for greenhouse gases.

Equipment and sensor database

Browse availabe measurement sensors, their current location, calibration factors and documentation via web browser (restricted access to within MCML and GEOG for Micrometeorology and Biometeorology Groups)

Teaching resources

Interactive web applets

Access our interactive teaching applets to illustrate the concept of sun path diagrams, how irradiance changes with latitude, how irradiance changes with slope, soil temperature waves or the logarithmic wind profile.