GEOB 300 - Modelled extraterrestrial irradiance (KEx).


Values in the graphs below represent the short-wave irradiance that would hit a flat and level surface at given latitude in absence of any atmosphere. Further we assume a circular orbit of the planet without a change in the solar 'constant' during a year. Values are approximated using the simplified set of formulae in lecture 3 (T.R. Oke 'Boundary Layer Climates', Appendix A1, p. 339-342, formulae A1.1 to A 1.4). See also the applet on slope effects.



The full source code in form of an interactive LabView VI can be downloaded from

University of British Columbia - GEOB 300 - Designed and programmed by: Supported by a TLEF grant 'climate@ubc' (University of British Columbia) and released under GNU GPL 2.0