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Currently operational sites

Access to custom data download of standard measured meteorological observations (air temperature, humidity, precipitation, soil temperatures, solar irradiance, wind) measured since 1958 at UBC's Climate Station on Totem Field. Data can be downloaded in .csv format. Also available are user interfaces to plot custom graphs and climatological anomalies. Photos of the climate station are available here.

Completed projects and experiments
  • Basel Urban Boundary Layer experiment (BUBBLE), Basel, Switzerland (2001-02)
  • Database documentation

  • Vancouver Urban Climate Database (Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2007 - *)
  • Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area (Delta, BC, Canada, 2014 - *)
  • CO2 stable isotope system (Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2013 - 2015)
  • MPB2 Crooked River Tower (Crooked River Provincial Park, BC, Canada, 2010)
  • MPB1 Kennedy Siding Tower (Mackenzie, BC, Canada, 2007)
  • HX06 (Hartheim, Germany, 2006)
  • Riofrio Wateruse (Pinhal Novo, Portugal, 2003)
  • EBEX 2000 (Kettleman City, CA, 2000)
  • MAP Riviera (Claro, Switzerland, 1999)