Research Group

Name Office Contacts  
Andreas Christen
Associate Professor
GEOG 252 604-822-6620
Rick Ketler
Project Manager (Geography)
GEOG 105 604-827-4520
Zoran Nesic
Research Engineer
MCML 137 604-822-3479
Kelsey Everard
Graduate Student (MSc)
GEOG 114 604-827-4520
Sung-Ching (Nick) Lee
Graduate Student (PhD)
GEOG 249 604-827-4520
Caitlin Semmens
Graduate Student (MSc)
GEOG 108 604-827-4520
Wesley Skeeter
Graduate Student (PhD)
GEOG 210G 604-827-4520
Adèle Therias
Undergraduate Research Assistant
POND B1104 604-827-4520
Teresa Zölch
Visiting Scientist
GEOG 249 604-827-4520

Former Graduates from our Lab

Name Degree Thesis
Chris D. Adderley
MSc in Geography, 2012 → MSc Thesis
Alison Cassidy
PhD in Geography, 2016 → PhD Thesis
Ben R. Crawford
PhD in Geography, 2014 → PhD Thesis
Carmen Emmel
PhD in Atmospheric Science, 2014 → PhD Thesis
Scott E. Krayenhoff PhD in Geography, 2015 → PhD Thesis
Joseph (Joey) K. Lee MSc in Geography, 2016 → MSc Thesis
Sung-Ching (Nick) Lee MSc in Geography, 2016 → MSc Thesis
Adrian Leitch MSc in Atmospheric Science, 2010 → MSc Thesis
Eugénie Paul-Limoges MSc in Geography, 2013 → MSc Thesis
Michael T. van der Laan MSc in Geography, 2011 → MSc Thesis

Former Undergraduate and Research Assistants

Name Position
Trevor Baker Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2011/12
Jonathan Bau Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2007
Rebecca Beaton Arts Undergraduate Research Award Student, 2010
Chelsea Dupuis Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2009
Maruska Giacchetto Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2015
Manuela Hayn Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2011
Eli Heyman Arts Undergraduate Research Award Student, 2010
Emma Katz Undergraduate Project Student, 2014
Camille Lefrançois Graduate Research Assistant, 2013-15
Kate Liss NSERC Undergraduate Research Award Student, 2008/09
Lauren Nerfa NSERC Undergraduate Research Award Student, 2013
Eugénie Paul-Limoges NSERC Undergraduate Research Award Student, 2010/11
Daryll Pauls Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2011
Thea Rodgers Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2015
Katrin Schmid Intern Student, 2014
Paul Skaloud Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2016
Alice Stevenson Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2014
Chad Siemens Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2007/08
Yuexian (Jane) Wang Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2014
Ernest Wu Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2015

Former Academic Visitors

Name Affiliation
Natasha Picone
Visiting post-doctoral fellow (2016)
Instituto de GeografĂ­a
Hans-Peter (HaPe) Schmid
Visiting Professor (2016)
and TU Munich
Luitgard Schwendenmann
Visiting Associate Professor (2013)
University of Auckland
School of Environment
Matthias Roth
Visiting Associate Professor (2013)
National University of Singapore
Department of Geography
Fred Meier
Visiting Scientist (2011)
TU Berlin
Department of Ecology / Climatology
James Voogt
Visiting Professor (2008-09)
University of Western Ontario
Department of Geography