Mapping Species Distributions


Bitter Root (Lewisia rediviva), photo by Dave Ingram

E-Flora BC is a collaborative, volunteer-driven project supported by many agencies and individuals. This strong support and recognition of a vision for compiling and presenting scientifically accurate information on the BC flora in a single location has made E-Flora possible. We owe thanks to many people for this support and their contributions of species identifications, introductory material, species lists, atlas page information, photos, computer programming, and overall input to the presentation and material available on E-Flora BC.


Kent Brothers, Adolf Ceska, Anna Colangeli, Ray Coupe, Matt Fairbarns, Jamie Fenneman, Fred Ganders, Perry Grilz, Brian Klinkenberg, Rose Klinkenberg, Gary Lewis, Jenifer Penny (Marta Donovan), and Jeanette Whitton



Algae: Michael Hawkes

Bryophytes: Steve Hoya

Fungi:  Michael Beug and Ian Gibson

Vascular Plants:  Jamie Fenneman


Jose Aparicio, Greg Burroughs, Vicky Baker, James Biro, Lara Hoshizaki, Wayne Kwok, Christina Laurier, Ofer Maron, Alan McConchie, Vrish Prahalad, Luan Vo, Jake Wall, Rachel Wiersma, Claire Wooton, Tony Zhang.

Maps Version 2015:  Vrish Prahalad

Maps Version 2013: Christina Laurier

Maps Version 2011: Brian Klinkenberg

Maps Version: 2006 Wayne Kwok

Map Version 2004: Rachel Wiersma


Ray Coupe, Marta Donovan, Orville Dyer, Matt Fairbarns, Jamie Feneman, John Grods, Helen Kennedy, Frank Lomer


Colin Bates (seaweeds, introduction and photo review)
Rene Belland (mosses, photo review, data)
Michael Beug (fungi, introduction and photo review)
Curtis Bjork (lichens, vascular plants, photo review and species checklist)
Kent Brothers (slime molds of BC)
Adolf Ceska (vascular plants, fungi, photo review)
Anna Colangeli (introduction to vascular plants, review of key)
George Douglas (Illustrated Flora of BC)
Matt Fairbarns (introduction to Garry Oak Ecosystems)
Jamie Fenneman (vascular plants, liverworts, introduction to taxonomy, photo ID
Robert Flogaus-Faust (vascular plants, photo review)
Fred Ganders (vascular plants, wildflower genetics and keys)
Ian Gibson (fungi list for BC, atlas page development for fungi)
Jim Ginns (fungi, photo review)
Trevor Goward (lichens, photo review, and species checklist)
Perry Grilz (vascular plants, Illustrated Flora of BC, invasive species)
Hugh Griffith (nature notes)
Michael Hawkes (seaweeds, checklist review and photo review)
Dianne Humphrey (vascular plants, introduction, review of key)
Steven Joya (mosses, photo review)
Gary Lewis (photographers newsletter, photo gallery edits)
Sandra Lindstrom (algae, atlas pages and checklist)
Frank Lomer (vascular plants, photo review, non-established species listngs)
Bruce McCune (lichens, atlas pages)
Terry McIntosh (mosses, photo review)
Del Medeinger (vascular plants, ecology introduction and photo review, IFBC)
Rita O'Clair (algae, atlas pages)
Jenifer Penny (Illustrated Flora of BC)
Tanya Perzoff (vascular plants, ecological framework)
Tim Philpott (static map preparation)
Jim Pojar (nature notes)
Wilf Scofield (mosses and liverworts, introductions and photo review)
Gerald Straley (Illustrated Flora of BC)
Terry Taylor (fungi, vascular plants, photo review)
Claire Wooton (database management and updates)
Pamela Zevit (invasive species)


Lauraine Baillie, Allan Carson, Don Benson, Bill Chinnock, Gerald Carter, Irmgard Carter, Karen Golinski, Richard Hebda, Tricia Kerr, Vincent Kujula, Vicky Lam, Olivia Lee, Derek Marcoux, Vanessa Pasqualetto, Sonya Powell, Chris Sears, Rosemary Taylor.


Devon Cathers, Xin Chen, Bill Liang, Walter Sinclair, John Sture, Stanley Tian, Danny Vohl, Edward Yong.


There are more than 400 photographers contributing to E-Flora BC. You can view a list by visiting our photo gallery and using the scrolling list of photographers at the bottom of each gallery page. We would like to thank each and every one of them for providing ongoing support for E-Flora. Their photographs are the face of E-Flora BC.


  • BC Hydro
  • British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range
  • BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Resource Operations
  • British Columbia Conservation Data Centre
  • TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
  • Shell Environment Fund
  • Service Canada
  • Vancouver Orchid Society
  • Native Plant Society of British Columbia
  • UBC Herbarium

Individual donors:

Patricia Boyle,, Eleanor L. Cardoza, Nell Dragovan, Dianne Fahselt, Kristin Brooke Greenough, Michael Arthur Holmwood, Anne Marie Klinkenberg, Souraya Borhan Mansour, Malcolm Martin,, Gordon Arthur Neish, Piet Van Dijken, Mark Velland, David Cabot Walker. These folks help keep our computer contingency fund afloat.


  • Camosun College
  • Canadian Museum of Nature
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • British Columbia Ministry of Environment
  • British Columbia Conservation Data Centre
  • Royal British Columbia Museum
  • UBC Herbarium, Department of Botany, University of British Columbia/ Beaty Biodiversity Museum
  • Spatial Data Lab, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia
  • Department of Geography, UBC
  • Clover Point Cartographics
  • Selkirk College Environmental Technology Program
  • Suresoft Development Corporation


  • Bruce Bennett (Yukon)
  • British Columbia Conservation Data Centre (all groups)
  • Adolf Ceska (British Columbia)
  • Canadian Museum of Nature (all groups)
  • Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria
  • Devonian Botanic Garden (moss records)
  • Pacific Forestry Center (fungi records)
  • Royal BC Museum (vascular plant records)
  • UBC Herbarium, University of British Columbia (all groups)
  • University of Alaska Museum of the North Herbarium (vascular plants)




Recommended citation:  Author, date, page title. In: Klinkenberg, Brian. (Editor) 2021. E-Flora BC: Electronic Atlas of the Flora of British Columbia []. Lab for Advanced Spatial Analysis, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. [Date Accessed]

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