Mapping Species Distributions

E-Flora BC is pleased to provide online species information from the book North Pacific Seaweeds by Rita O'Clair and Sandra Lindstrom. This text provides definitive information on common seaweeds of the north Pacific that inhabit rocky shores.  It provides detailed species descriptions, habitat information and dispersal information for 150 species, including the seagrasses.  162 pages.  Price 24.95 US. Ordering information is available.

Thanks to these authors for supporting E-Flora BC and making their work available to the public at large. Questions about North Pacific Seaweeds content and corrections should be directed to Sandra Lindstrom.


Recommended citation:  Author, date, page title. In: Klinkenberg, Brian. (Editor) 2021. E-Flora BC: Electronic Atlas of the Flora of British Columbia []. Lab for Advanced Spatial Analysis, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. [Date Accessed]

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