Mapping Species Distributions

Invasive, Alien and Noxious Plants of British Columbia (October, 2008)

by Tania Perzoff

The following list of plants considered as noxious, weeds, invasive and nuisance species within the province of BC has been prepared by Tania Perzoff for E-Flora BC. It is based on a compilation of species information from a variety of sources, including the BC Ministry of Forests, the BC Ministry of Agriculture, the Canadian Wildlife Service, and others. We will be adding more species to the list in order to include other non-forest and non-range species that are considered invasive species by BC botanists. At that point, species that are not included in the agency lists, such as Geranium robertianum, will be added. Check back periodically to see how our list evolves. Suggestions for additions to the list are welcome.

In producing her list below, Tania observed: "It was interesting to note that some species are considered invasive only under certain circumstances (e.g. field/common horsetail - Equisetum arvense is an invasive according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, and WeedsBC when it gets into agricultural or pasture settings, otherwise, its a widespread native in BC (and beyond) and a valuable food source to species such as grizzly bears!)."

Key to Type (and source) for the invasive species listing:

I Invasive/nuisance species that are not currently legislated as noxious weeds (Meiding et al., 2004. Ministry of Forests and Range)
Inv Invasive, although not on a formal list yet
Nu Nuisance (Ministry of Agriculture and Lands)
Nx Noxious (Ministry of Agriculture and Lands)
P Species considered noxious weeds in all regions of B.C. as indicated in the B.C. Weed Control Act (1999) (Meiding et al., 2004. Ministry of Forests and Range)
R Species indicated as noxious weeds within some regions of B.C. as indicated in the B.C. Weed Control Act (1999) (Meiding et al., 2004. Ministry of Forests and Range)
UI(M) Upland Invasive (Minor to moderate) (CWS)
UI(P) Upland Invasive (Principal) (CWS)
W Weed (WeedsBC)
W(A/U) Weed (Agricultural/Urban) (CWS)
Wet(M) Wetland Invasive (Minor) (CWS)
Wet(P) Wetland Invasive (Principal) (CWS)

In the table below, click on the icon flower icon to access the agency-specific information on that invasive species; click on the flower icon icon to view the Atlas page for that species. Click on a column heading to sort the table.

Latin Name Common Name Type Where URL Atlas
{Latin_x0020_Name} {Common_x0020_Name} {Type} {Where} Atlas page Atlas page

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