Mapping Species Distributions


E-Flora BC is fortunate in being able to bring on-line components of Wilf Schofield's landmark book, Some Common Mosses of British Columbia, published by the Royal BC Museum. This is a tremendous contribution to the E-Flora BC atlas project, and provides detailed information on more than 120 species, including information on their ecology and biology. Nothing, however, can replace the original book, with its expansive introduction to mosses and easy-to-use taxonomic keys. If you would like to purchase the book, it is available from the Royal BC Museum (at their gift shop), or can be ordered through any book store in Canada (booksellers can order through the museum's distributor, UBC Press, using the book's ISBN 0-7718-9165-2). For more information about Royal BC Museum books, please visit


Recommended citation:  Author, date, page title. In: Klinkenberg, Brian. (Editor) 2021. E-Flora BC: Electronic Atlas of the Flora of British Columbia []. Lab for Advanced Spatial Analysis, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. [Date Accessed]

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