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The COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH feature on E-Fauna BC is a powerful search tool that allows you to conduct detailed combined searches of all content on our three interlinked web sites: E-Flora BC, E-Fauna BC and the Biodiversity of BC. This includes searches of the photo galleries, atlas pages, introduction pages and biodiversity essays. You may search for species, habitats, or any other content found on the three sites.

The search is driven by Google Custom Search. Google allows you to exclude components from your search and to restrict your searches. To learn more about restricting searches, go directly to the Google search operators page, on the Google site. This page shows you how to refine your searches, exclude words from searches or do exact searches. This includes adding a minus sign (-) before a word to exclude that word from a search. For example, type 'salt marsh -eflora', to exclude pages from E-Flora BC in your search.


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