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This family lacks a tracheal system and the mouthparts are slender and prolonged, with the labia of the maxilla long and pointed. Only the first pair of abdominal legs have a terminal vesicle. The second and third pair of abdominal appendages lack a terminal vesicle, and at most have three setae. The eight abdominal segment has a band anteriorly, being represented by a double-line, with or without striae.

In North America, the Acerentomidae contains 14 genera and 27 described species. Ten genera and 18 species of Acerentomidae are recorded in Canada, with the three species described from British Columbia being endemic. These three species, Nippoentomon bifidum Rusek, N. kevani Rusek and Vesiculentomon marshalli Rusek were described from soil samples taken in Douglas-fir forest near Shawnigan Lake.


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