Spatial Statistics Workshop

I will be placing links on this page to materials used in the spatial statistics workshop.

Links to datasets that we will be using:

Van_Workshop Files


NewYork (GeoDa) Files

Geostatistical Analyst Tutorial Data

Geostatistical Analyst Exercise Files

The R code files

A very helpful discussion on modelling with spatial autocorrelation in R This includes a discussion on "The automap package [that] provides the very useful autokrige function. It will automatically fit the most appropriate variogram model (with the smallest residual sum of squares) and compute predictions using kriging."

Links to videos and other materials:

GeoDa Software

GeoDaSpace Software

Lectures on YouTube from the GeoDa Center

The introductory tutorial on GeoDa spatial regression

A more detailed overview of GeoDa and spatial regression

GWR4 Software

An online text on Geospatial Analysis

ESRI's page on spatial statistics

My ArcMap Etiquette Quide

Some ESRI ArcMap Shortcuts

The ESRI R-Bridge Python Toolbox