Overview of Courses Taught


Presently I teach several courses in the Department of Geography that focus on Geographic Information Sciences (GIScience), including geospatial technologies (Remote Sensing). GIScience includes GIS (Geographic Information Systems), spatial analysis, and spatial technologies.  It also includes consideration of the social impacts of these technologies. The courses I presently teach are:

GEOB 370: Advanced Issues in GIScience

This course builds upon the Introduction to GIScience course (GEOB 270) offered in the Geography Department. In it I focus on advanced GIScience topics such as the nature of geographic data, uncertainty in geographic data, database management systems, and advanced spatial analysis.  Overall, the course is aimed at furthering your understanding of how geographic information can be used to solve problems and gain insights.

GEOB 479: Research in GIScience

This advanced course provides an overview of  GIScience in Research, and builds upon the knowledge and skills you will have gained in GEOB 270 (Introduction to GIScience) and GEOB 370 (Advanced Issues in GIScience).  The approach I take in this course is to use research examples drawn from  Landscape Ecology, Crime Analysis, and Health Geography, showing you the commonalities found across research areas when addressing spatial aspects.

Other GIScience courses taught in the Geography Department include:

GEOB 270: Introduction to GIScience

GEOB 372: Introduction to Cartography
GEOB 373: Introductory Remote Sensing

GEOG 374: Statistics in Geography

GEOB 472: Advanced Cartography