Recent Graduate Students

Graduate Student


Mahdi Abatharth Environmental monitoring using remote sensing and GIS. Co-supervisor Marwan Hassan M.Sc.
Emily Acheson Exploring the ecological factors behind the 1999 outbreak of Cryptococcus gattii sensu lato on Vancouver Island Ph.D.
Holly Buhler High-Acuity Response Team in the Interior Health Region of BC M. Sc. 2016
Kevin Hu Spatial Analysis of The Opioid Overdose Epidemic in British Columbia M. Sc.
Michael Jerowsky Exploring barriers to success for community-based organizations engaged in the adaptive co-management of parkland. M. A.
Michael Jerowsky Comparing the Use of Virtual, Augmented, and Nature Walk-Based Field Trips in the Environmental Education of Children Ph. D.
Brad Maguire

Visualizing a Sense of Place Using GIS

Mielle Michaux A spatial analysis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in British Columbia M. Sc.
Jill Miner Salish Sucker habitat, conservation and spatial modeling: a spatial and genetic analysis (co-supervisor Jordan Rosenfeld, MOE) M. Sc.
Ian Parfitt Biodiversity informatics, atlases and the geoweb M. Sc.
Hossein Vahidi Object-based analysis framework for fine-scale monitoring Ph. D. candidate
Sam Walker  Geographies of urban agriculture in Vancouver and Detroit.  Co-supervisor Elvin Wyly  M. A.
Jake Wall Geospatial Analysis of African Elephant Movement. Ph. D.
Peter Whitman An exploration of methods for retrospectively delineating patches of fluvial sediment within archived aerial photographs. M. Sc.