Research group

During my career, I worked with a group of graduate students, undergraduate research assistants and post-doctoral fellows. We collaborated with other research groups on campus, including Brett Eaton's Fluvial Geomorphology Research Group and John Richardson's Stream and Riparian Research Laboratory, based in the UBC Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, as well as collaborators in other universities, government agencies, and the private sector.

I retired from my position at the end of June 2023. As an emeritus professor, I will not be taking on new graduate students.

Base weather station at South Creek -- Bridge Glacier in background summer 2017

Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows



Since 2010

A. Winter-Billington (PhD) Modelling glacier ablation under debris cover (completed August 2023)
Z. Chai (MSc) Streamflow response to climatic variability and glacier retreat (completed August 2023)
S. Collins (MSc) Snowpack influences on stream temperature dynamics (completed August 2023)
B. Browning (MSc) Thermal regime of a glacier-lake-river system (completed August 2023)
L. Callahan (MSc) River temperature response to heat waves (completed August 2023)
J. Exler (PhD) Hydrology of Burns Bog (completed July 2023)
B. Pelto (PDF) Cumulative effects of climate, glacier retreat and vegetation succession on catchment hydrology (2021-2023)
A. Szeitz (MSc) Stream evaporation (completed September 2019)
A. Dufficy (MSc) Energy budget modelling of water temperature for steep mountain streams (completed March 2019)
S. Gronsdahl (MSc) Forestry and environmental flow needs in snow-dominated catchments (completed Sept. 2018)
G. Li (MSc) Time-series approach to land-cover change detection from Landsat imagery (completed June 2018)
L. Kuglerova (PDF) Riparian ecology (2017)
D. van der Kamp (PhD) Forest fire hydrometeorology (thesis defended Aug. 2017)
J. Garvelmann (PDF) Forest meteorology (2016)
A. McMahon (MSc) Albedo of steep mountain streams (thesis completed Aug. 2016)
C. Hunter (MSc) Evaluation of NARR precipitation in a mountainous region (co-supervised with I. McKendry) (thesis completed Aug. 2016)
M. Mahrlein (MSc, Freiburg) Streamflow response to wildfire and salvage logging (thesis completed Jul. 2016)
J. Trubilowicz (PhD) Snow hydrology in mountain catchments (thesis completed Feb. 2016)
J. Exler (MSc) Groundwater hydrology of Burns Bog
M. Richardson (MSc) Refinement of dilution approaches for stream gauging (thesis completed Sept. 2015)
A. Moyer (MSc) Hydrology of a calving glacier (thesis completed Aug. 2015)
J. Leach (PhD) Winter stream temperature in the rain-on-snow zone (thesis defended Nov. 2014)
C. Moro (MSc, SUFANOMA) Impacts of flow regulation on channel dynamics, Alouette River (thesis defended Sept. 2014)
L. Bird (MSc) Hydrology and thermal regime of proglacial Bridge Lake (thesis completed Aug. 2014)
D. West (MSc) Stream temperature processes and management for a regulated river (thesis completed Aug. 2014)
J. Shea (PDF) Snow and glacier hydrology (2013)
J. Knudson (MSc) Stream temperature dynamics in glacier-fed streams (thesis completed Nov. 2012)
G. Jost (PDF) Streamflow response to glacier change and forest disturbance (2011)
M. Chuang (PDF) Streamflow response to forest disturbance (2011)
N. Cowie (MSc) Pro-glacial hydrogeomorphology (thesis completed Oct. 2011)
R. Smith (PhD) Snowmelt runoff processes (thesis defended Sept. 2011)
R. McCleary (PhD) Hydrogeomorphology of the Rocky Mountain foothills (thesis defended Feb. 2011)
P. Szeftel (PhD) Scaling hydrologic processes at Cotton Creek (thesis defended Oct. 2010)
Y. Asadian (MSc) Rainfall interception by urban forest (thesis defended Apr. 2010)


G. Flerchinger US Department of Agriculture
S. Howie City of Delta
D. Hutchinson Environment Canada
G. Jost BC Hydro
J. Leach Canadian Forest Service
R. McCleary Fisheries and Oceans Canada
B. Menounos UNBC
K. Stahl University of Freiburg
P. Whitfield University of Saskatchewan
R. Winkler Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations