Welcome to the second edition of the Vancouver Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis (RIIM) atlas of immigration and urban change in Greater Vancouver. This atlas contains a completely updated set of graphs and maps that depict the social geography of immigrant settlement in 2001. In addition, given the substantial degree of immigrant settlement that has occurred in the Abbotsford region (the Census Metropolitan Area immediately east of Greater Vancouver), we added that region to all of the maps in this edition of the atlas. Readers who wish to study the issue of immigrant settlement in the Vancouver region in more detail are encouraged to download and read RIIM Working Paper #98-16, and to compare the 2001 version of the atlas with the one published using 1996 data (RIIM Working Paper #00-10). For a description of the role of RIIM as a research centre intended to provide information to the public and, especially, to people working in institutions shaping Canadian immigration policy, please see the general information page on the RIIM website.