Ross Mackay’s
90th Birthday Celebration

February 17, 2006

The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

Symposium to Honour Professor J. Ross Mackay

Schedule of Events

8:30 Posters to be mounted
8:45 9:15 Registration and coffee
9:15 Welcome : Graeme Wynn, Head, Department of Geography.
9:30 Session 1. Chair: Michael Church
9:35 Samuel I. Outcalt, Frederick E. Nelson, and Kenneth M. Hinkel:
The Spatial Tradition in Permafrost Science
10:15 Chris Burn:
Experiments with snow at Illisarvik and Garry Island, N.W.T.
10:55 Coffee
11:25 Session 2. Chair: Olav Slaymaker
11:30 Steve Blasco, Jim Shearer, Charlie Paull, Scott Dallimore and Fiona McLaughlin:
Pingo-Like Features on the Beaufort Shelf: Subsea Equivalents of Terrestrial Pingos?
12:10 Yuri Shur and Chien-Lu Ping:
Aggradational Ice and Frost Boils and Earth Hummocks Formation
12:50 Lunch
2:30 Session 3. Chair: John Stager
2:35 Don Hayley and Kevin Jones:
Engineering structures for long term stability of permafrost by encouraging heat transfer with air convection in open-graded rockfill
3:15 Hugh French, Antoni Lewkowicz, Wayne Pollard, and Julian Murton:
The geomorphological principles of J. Ross Mackay
3:55 Closing remarks: Tim Oke
4:00 GIC, Geography: Reception
5:30 Sage Bistro. Dinner. John Stager, Master of Ceremonies.
7:30 Finish