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Friday, November 16


Registration: Geography Building Main Hallway 



Math Building Room 100




Welcome: Elder Larry Grant


Keynote Address: Margo Greenwood and Sarah de Leeuw 


Break with Light Refreshments 


Panel Response: Glen Coulthard, Sarah Hunt, and Harsha Walia 



Saturday, November 17


Room 200

Room 201

Room 212

Room 214

Renaming Events


Coffee and snacks 



Decolonizing methodologies (Chair: Max Ritts)
A. Erfan: Community-Based Action Research as Decolonizing Methodology
Ashraf, Kittredge & Ugarte:
Pathways Towards Decolonization and Reconciliation
B. DeVolder:
A Bricolage Catacritique: A Doing of an Undoing

Urban poverty I (Chair: Carolyn Prouse)
E. Siemiatycki: Precarious Employment in the Creative City
K. F. Lim:
Strategic Redistribution as a Preemptory Countermovement: A Substantivistic Conceptualization of Post-2007 Socioeconomic Reforms in Chongqing, China
Y. Wei:
Urban Poverty and Justice in China: A Theoretical Framework

New subjectivities and performances (Chair: Duncan Ranselm)
S. Johns: First World Problem: The Aesthetic Athlete and Alienation from Self
C. Veal:
Performing Therapy: Neoliberalism, Well-Being, and the Place of Dance
A. Franks:
Making Relations and Performing Politics: Improvising 'Climate Justice' in Scotland
K. Loewen:
Rhythm, Limit, and Autonomy

Rethinking connections and place (Chair: Alan Grove)
S. V. Fonseca: Re-Imagining Whalley: Exploring the Potential of Multimedia Tools in Post Representational Planning
L. Bergmann:
Ontic Turbulence: Fields in Factories, South in North, and Forests in Finance
L. Hallgren:
Turning the Lens on the Settler: The Role of Identity Construction in Ongoing Colonial Narratives of Place




Idea Wall - 1st Floor Hallway


Violence, colonialism and space (Panel; Chair: Sarah de Leeuw)
S. Hunt
C. Holmes
A. Piedalue

Urban poverty II (Chair: Emily Rosenman)
W. Buckingham: Right to the City or the City has no Right? 'Zones of Relegation' in Urban Dual-Systems
P. Mendex & M. Moos:
Metropolitan Change and Concentrated Market Vulnerability in Canada
J. McClelland:
Can we Finally Condemn Ideal Types of the 'Slum'? Poverty Knowledge, Relational Practices, and Informality

De-colonizing human-animal relations in a time of expanding critical geographies (Chair: Rosemary Collard)
L. Dumoulin: Posthumanist Political Ecology, Children's Geographies, and the Kokanee Salmon Education Program
K. Gillespie:
Re-placing the 'Dairy Cow'/De-Colonizing the (Animal) Body
W. McKeithen:
Colonialism and the Resistances of Queer Animal Science
M. Ritts and R. Collard:
Rodeo Days: Animal Afterlives and Archival Politics

Interrogating "security" (Chair: Sam Walker)
J. Whyte: 'America Supports You': Governmentality and the U.S. Military Brand
M. Kear:
Rescaling the Credit Score
T. Howard:
'Badlands', Battlespace, and Banlieues: Some Remarks on the Dialectic of the 'New Military Urbanism'
W. Attewell:
Operating in the Margins: USAID, (Alternative) Development, and the (Counter)Insurgent Geographies of the Cold War



Lunch – Undergraduate Lounge, Room 120


Renaming Session - Room 200

At this workshop, we will discuss the challenges and possibilities for re-naming to be taken up as a decolonizing strategy. The aim of the workshop is to collectively propose a naming strategy for the "Cascadia" conference.
Presentation: Sarah Ling - The Decolonizing Knowledge Project


Beyond text and Decolonizing Cascadia (Film, photographs, talk; Chair: Jess Hallenbeck)
D. Roberts, J. Wolowic, and J. Hallenbeck

Racialized capitalism (Chair: Dawn Hoogeveen)
S. Walker: Biopolitics and the Neoliberal Subject in Food Desert Research
C. Donegan:
American Slavery, Peripheral Capitalism, and the Resurgence of Eurocentric Marxism
C. Gold:
Humanitarian Uses of Africanism: Live Aid and Live 8's Re-Working of the Colonial Imaginary

Productions of nature (Chair: Kyle Loewen)
J. Stefanik: (White) Men Against the Desert: Nature, Race, and Prairie Space
S. Naslund:
Producing Parasites: Dis-ease and the Geographic Imaginary in Scientific Knowledge Production
L. Barrick:
Porous Boundaries and Rugged Terrain: Nature and the Production of the U.S. Northern Border

Politics and legalities of ongoing colonialisms I (Chair: Carolyn Prouse)
K. Coddington: Who Feels the Fear? Panicked Asylum and Aboriginal Policies in Australia
J. Collard: Expert Knowledge and Canadian Commissions of Inquiry: The Case of Vancouver's Missing Women
M. Smith: The Colour of Right: Lawfare, Police and Pacification in a Late Settler State
P. Patchin: Three Scenes of Everyday Imperialism




Voting: Idea Wall


Cascadia Matters: Occupied Cascadia (film)

Critical urbanisms (Chair: Dan Cohen)
C. E. Jones & A. Longhurst: Rezoning for Comprehensive Development and the Rise of 'Eco-Tower' Gentrification
D. Ranslem:
Precipitating Permanence in Urban Resettlement: The Insolubility of Decantment, Transit, and Temporary Relocation
J. Moore:
Pay to Play: Street Festivals and the Struggle for Social Streets

Academic practice (Chair: Rosemary Collard)
Brown, Collard, & Hoogeveen: Pedagogical Declarations: Feminist Engagements with the 'Teaching Statement'
E. Wyly:
The Expanding Digital Noosphere

Politics and legalities of ongoing colonialisms II (Chair: Juliane Collard)
L. Monk: First Nations' Housing Policy in Canada: Re-Contextualization and Implications for Self-Determination
C. Jones: The Lawyers of War
M. Farrales: Memory and Colonial Haunting in the Queer Stories Filipino-Canadians Tell About Themselves



Voting/ Break  

Voting: Idea Wall


Closing remarks – Room 200

Coll Thrush: Renaming the conference?



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