The following set of images have been created using a Location Quotient (LQ) to map the relative concentration of a variable.  A LQ simply represents how the concentration of a specific attribute, within a given area (Census Tract), differs from the average for the entire region (in this case the CMA).  For instance, if the relative number of individuals who reported mother tongue english in a Census Tract is the same as the relative number of those reporting mother tongue english for the entire CMA the LQ is 1, if it has twice the concentration the LQ is 2. A more in-depth description can be found on the explanation page.

In order to view the images under each category, click on the arrow and then again on the desired group.  To return to this page simply click on the quotients button at the bottom left hand side of the page.

Place of Birth (outside Canada)

Ethnic Origin


Mother Tongue (single response)