Rally for the Mansion Tax

Jean Swanson's campaign for Vancouver City Council (election day is October 14, 2017). From the press release:
Jean Swanson presents Chip Wilson with new Mansion Tax assessment

Today, Jean Swanson, independent City Council candidate in Vancouver’s by-election, joined
dozens of supporters outside Lululemon’s Chip Wilson’s estate to call for a Mansion Tax for
homes worth over $5 million. Both the provincial and federal government have the power to tax income and the tax rates are often set progressively so that those with higher incomes are taxed at a higher rate. The City has the power to tax property, but it has always been a flat tax rate rather than a progressive property tax.

“Chip Wilson pays the same tax rate of 0.26% for his $75 million home as does a family with a
$750 thousand home,” says Swanson. “That’s outrageous. Vancouver needs to tax the rich with
a Mansion Tax now.”

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