If you're new to Vancouver, though, you might find yourself in the middle of the winter struggling to recover a certain type of memory. Through the foggy gray mist and rain, can you remember ... sunlight? Focus on the green, look past the gray. For those cool gray rainy days of winter, here are a few reminders of what the sun can do for Raincity. We start out with views of the downtown core from the floatplanes that take off from Coal Harbour. Then we go to the Downtown Eastside to see the bright sun shining on a low-income community whose serious problems are now compounded by an aggressive wave of speculative investment and displacement. Then we explore scenes from a march for housing rights, the downtown financial district, Olympic Village, convention center, and new luxury residential development on the North Shore of False Creek. Next we visit the West End and English Bay, before heading out to UBC and Kits Beach.

Focus on the green, look past the gray. And in the middle of winter, get ready for those moments when the skies unexpectedly clear for just a few hours. This is your chance: drop everything, and run out to see the sun-drenched landscapes of your city in a new light." />

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