EPiCC Vancouver - Cumulative Turbulent Flux Source Areas.
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Download NetCDF (2m resolution, for 2000 x 2000 m, contains all model parameters ~9 MB)
Download GEOTIFF (50m resolution for 1900 x 1900 m, georeferenced, ~8 KB)

Turbulent source area model by Korman and Meixner, Boundary-Layer Meteorology 99: 207-224 (2001). Individual model runs were calcualted for each 30 minute interval during the selected period, and the average footprints was calculated by summing individual runs (2 x 2 km raster with 2 m resolution). Maps can be read as follows: the area enclosed for example by the 50% isoline contributes with 50% to the signal measured at tower top, the area enclosed for example by the 80% isoline contributes with 80% to the signal measured at tower top.

Calculations at Westham Island were done taking changes in grass heights and instrument height adjustments into account (zm, z0 and zd vary between runs). For details on grass height measurements, see Liss K., Tooke R., Coops N., Christen, A., (2010): 'Vegetation Characteristics at the Vancouver EPiCC experimental sites'. EPiCC Technical Report No. 3, 38pp