Tentative class schedule (2019)

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Jan 2

Introduction to course

Tutorial 1: Spatial stats using Modelbuilder
Assignment 1: Landscape Ecology and GIS (sign-up)
Jan 9

Why is 'geography' important?

Lab 1: Exploring Fragstats
Some guidelines to follow when writing a report / lab. ArcMap Etiquette. ESRI's spatial statistics blog.
Jan 67 Understanding landscape metrics: patterns and processes Lab 1 continued New: Marking considerations for all labs and tutorials.
Jan 23

Statistics: A review

Lab 2: Introduction to Geographically Weighted Regression.
An overview of GWR. GWR variable considerations. A simple discussion, by ESRI, on regression.
Jan 30

G479 presentations on Landscape Ecology

G479 presentations on Landscape Ecology
Assignment 2:
Health Geography and GIS (sign-up)
Feb 6

What is health geography?

Lab 2 time.
Feb 13 FME Workshop presented by Sam Walker, SFAE Software (Quizz)
Feb 20 Midterm Break: No classes for the week
Feb 27 Project discussions / The Participatory BioCitizen Lab 3: Introduction to CrimeStat
Assignment 3
: Crime analysis and GIS (sign-up)
Mar 6 G479 presentations on Health Geography
G479 presentations on Health Geography
Useful ArcGIS tools; Tobler's hiking function.
Mar 13 Is crime related to geography? Lab 3 time.
Mar 20 Use of GIS by Fire Departments. Project time.
Helpful ArcGIS tips and timesavers.
Mar 27 G479 presentations on Crime analysis G479 presentations on Crime analysis
Apr 3 Course review Project time. GIS news and local events.
Looking for a job?
Apr ? G479 Project Presentations: April 18 starting at 10:00 in Rm 115 (sign-up sheet), along with your Blog URL.