Class Projects

Over the years many interesting projects have been conducted in Geob 479 (previously known as Geography 471).  Some of these projects are listed below.

Class of 2018
Class of 2016
Class of 2015
Class of 2014
Class of 2013
Class of 2012
  Accessibility and Distance Analysis of Hospitals on Vancouver Island: A GIS Approach
  Edmonton Over Time: A GIS Analysis on Income Distributions
  Effects of Urbanization on Metro Vancouver birds
  Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Assessment
  Future Growth in the ALR Abbotsford
  Sedimentation in the Missouri River Basin
  Spatial Location of Forestry Wood Waste
  Unpaid Work: A GWR Analysis of Vancouver and Burnaby
Class of 2011
  Access to Health Services in the North Shore: Identifying Vulnerable Populations
  An Analysis of EDI Physical Health and Well-Being Scores in Vancouver
  An Analysis of Flowering Times in British Columbia
  Feng Shui & Vancouver Real Estate: A Geographically Weighted Analysis
  The Effects of Different Tillage Practices
Class of 2010
  Ecosystem Services of the BC Coast: Modeling the Impacts of Agriculture on the Provision of Shellfish
  Fire History of the Darkwoods: Quantifying the Past to Plan for the Future
  The Geographic Accessibility of Emergency Services
  A Geographic Model for Wind Farm Siting in BC
  Megan's Law in Vancouver, BC
  Multi-Family Housing and Crime in Vancouver
  The Spatial Variation of the Temporal Response of NDVI to Precipitation in the Serengeti Maasai Mara Ecosystem, South Africa (Only viewable in IE)
  Vancouver Municipal Elections 2008
  Walkability in Greater Vancouver (Best viewed in IE)
Class of 2008
  Aquatic Invasives: A Spatial Analysis
  Children at Risk in BC's Columbia River Basin
  Cycling and the Build Environment
  Mortality Risk and Proportional Economic Loss Risk: A Statistical Analysis of Hurricane Impacts in the State of Florida
  Olympic Changes in Atlanta
  Vancouver: A Place to Pan
  Vancouver Density: Investigating Current Patterns and Potential Future Densification Areas
Class of 2007
  Aquatic Invasive Species: Calculating a Ballast Water Threat Index for Canada
  Comparison of Floodplain Mapping Methods: The Fraser and Nechako Rivers, Prince George BC
  Crime in Ottawa
  Integrated Neighbourhood Networks in Richmond, BC
  UBC Organics Bins Accessibility Analysis
  Vancouver Transit Accessibility: Frequency, Capacity, and Service
Class of 2006
  GWR Analysis of Canadian Health Indicators
  GWR Analysis  of the 2005 BC Provincial Elections
  Investigating Crime: A Spatial Analysis of Criminal Activity in Ottawa, Ontario
  Local dynamics of the Vancouver housing market
Class of 2005
  Can GIS be used to predict educational outcomes in Vancouver?
  Crime intensity and land use analysis for Vancouver, BC
  Gentrification in Vancouver: A study of changing urban dynamics
  GWR analysis of low-income singles housing in Vancouver's downtown core.
  West Nile virus surveillance in British Columbia