Class Blog

As part of the requirements for this course you are required to write a blog about your experiences in this class. You can easily set up a blog on under your CWL login, although you can use any blogging site if you wish.

In your blog I would like you to provide a weekly summary of what was discussed in class (a paragraph or two), a summary of your lab (which should include an example map), a summary of your in-class presentation, as well as comments on at least one other presentation that you found personally interesting, and a summary of your project.

I will review each of your blogs at the end of the course, and that review will constitute 10% of your final mark. You need to send to me the URL of your blog by the end of January.

Student Blog URL
Ellen Ahn
Alex Briault
Ellika Cairns my blog
Harmony Chu GEOB 479: GIScience in Research Blog
Iris Jiang
Emily Leung
Jason Lin
Daniel Minney
Tara O'Brien
Rithikha Rajamohan
Archie Rea
Siyeon Song
Carla Urquhart
Baris Uzel
Anthony Wong

Examples of student blogs from previous years.

Student Blog URL
Evelyn Chan
Kiyomi Henry
Shoshana Hereld
Gleb Oleinik
Julie Van de Valk
Tony Zhang