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The data can be downloaded HERE. The data contains the full layers as described below.

The following Normalized Proximity Rasters for each of the 'amenities' are provided. These rasters can be used to create another MCE based on different set weightings or with added data. Please read Methodology for further information on the data and how these layers were created.

  • Proximity to Parks (normparks2)
  • Proximity to Commercial Nodes (normnodes2)
  • Proximity to Community Centres (normcommc)
  • Proximity to Secondary Schools (normschs)
  • Proximity to Elementary Schools (normsche)

The two layers below were used to generate the relative proximity to the CBD based on taking transit and walking. Feel free to use them but, again, please refer to the Methodology on how they were created and what limitations they might include.

  • Walking & Transit Cost Raster (transitcost)
  • Proximity to CBD by Walking or Transit (normtrans)

The following density layers are included, calculated using 2001 Census Data and the Residential Land Area for each DA (see Methodology). Note: these versions are the normalized raster layers for the MCEs.

  • Population per Residential Hectare by Da (normpoprha)
  • Bedrooms per Capita by DA (normbedrpop2)
Finally, the Residential Land Area vector shapefile is included

  • Residential Land Area (VanRESland.shp)

If you have any questions on the data please contact me