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Welcome to the home page for Geob 373 -- Introductory Remote Sensing. This course provides a broad introduction to remote sensing. In the lectures I discuss fundamental topics such as the principles and characteristics of remotely sensed imagery (e.g., energy, atmospheric and earth surface interactions, and named electromagnetic regions). In the lectures and the labs you will also be introduced to the fundamentals of digital image analysis, including image pre-processing, supervised and unsupervised classification, and change detection.

After taking this course you will have a fundamental understanding of digital image resolution (spatial, spectral, radiometric and temporal), and digital image analysis (enhancements, geometric correction, supervised and unsupervised classification, accuracy assessment and change detection analysis). You will also become familiar with different forms of remote sensing, such as aerial photography, radar and lidar. In the labs you will be introduced to air photos and to the remote sensing software tools available in ArcGIS, which you will use for digital image display, image enhancement and image analysis.

Using the menu above you can access the course description (the 'syllabus'), as well as the schedule of lectures and labs (with links to the lecture materials and the labs).