André Zimmermann

Who I am:

I am a Geomorphologist studying streams, aquatic ecology and sediment transport through the landscape. I was first drawn to geomorphology through my interest in the mountains and photography, but subsequently found the combination of physics and instrumentation very rewarding. After finishing my PhD I began working at Northwest Hydraulic Consultants (NHC) in North Vancouver. At NHC I have had the opportunity to put what I learned about the formation and stability of steep streams during my PhD to practice, and have worked in NHC's physical hydraulic modeling laboratory on large-scale models using modern bed scanning technologies.

Geomorphology is a natural career choice for me. I grew up in Nelson BC, playing in Giveout Creek (see photo below), and have always enjoyed math, physics and design work. During my career I hope to develop improved solutions for a wide range of applied research problems and collaborate with students and academic researchers to ensure that the students of the future will have the skills and knowledge that is required by applied geomorphologists and engineers.

On this web site I have posted videos from several physical modeling experiments, along with brief descriptions of the research involved. There are also photos illustrating my recreatation and woodworking interests. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.



Giveout Creek, Nelson BC
Desolation Sound, Cortez Island
Finishing a lamp shade on the lathe