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This data-set from the Basel Urban Boundary Layer Experiment (BUBBLE, see Rotach et al., 2005, Theor. Appl. Climatol.) is made available to the urban climate research community for validation of urban radiation models, urban energy balance models and urban canopy parameterizations. It compiles a carefully selected and well-documented subset of the Intensive Observation Period (IOP) in 2002. The data-set includes one-month of summertime data (June 10, 2002, to July 10, 2002) from a network of seven urban, suburban and rural energy balance stations (urban: BSPR, BSPA, BMES, suburban: ALLS, rural: GRNZ, VLNF, and BLER). All sites were operated simultaneously in and around the city of Basel as described in Christen and Vogt (2004, Int. J. Climatol.). Each site features all components of the surface radiation budget. The components of the energy balance are avaliable from six of the seven sites. The storage heat flux density in urban areas must be calculated as the residual term and is not included.
Note - this dataset is inteded for use in urban energy balance modelling. Please use the BUBBLE tracer experiment report and the corresponding data-sets to validate turbulence and dispersion models.
This IOP data-set is public without restriction. However, if you use data from BUBBLE in any publication, please make sure that you acknowledge the Swiss Ministry of Education and Science (Grant C00.0068) who funded the core project as well as the University of Basel, the Swiss Federal Insititue of Technology (ETH) Zürich, the Technical University of Dresden, and the Bulgarian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology who all contributed to this data-set. A proper reference to the data in any of your publications set is given above (Rotach et al., 2005). Details the BUBBLE funding can be found here.

If you have comments or questions please contact andreas.christen@ubc.ca


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