There is a mandatory midter exam on February 16, 2017 and a mandatory final exam which is scheduled for the exam period. It is your responsibility to be available, do not plan or ask for special exams.

Written assignments

All written assignments must be handed in (to the instructor in class*) on the due date by latest. Late assignments will be penalized -10% of your total marks for each (partial) day past the due date. Late assignments must be handed in to your instructor either in person or during the next lecture. Once marked assignments are returned to class, no late assignments are accepted and 0% is attributed.

* Except for assignments were explicitly an electronic submission is requested.


Regular attendance is required in this course. During random lectures, we will hand out quiz cards that count towards the participation grade. Only students in class will be given a quiz card.

All four assignments and the final exam must be written to sucessfully pass the course.