GEOG 311 : Mid term examiniation

Frequently asked questions

When and where the midterm examination will take place?

The midterm examination will be on February 16, 2017, at 02:00. The duration if the exam is exactly 60 min (02:00 - 03:00 pm). It will take place in room GEOG 200. There will be no additional or extra midterm except for situations in agreement with Academic regulations.

What topics does the midterm include?

All topics are lectures 1 to 13, namely
(a) all content from all slides from lectures 1 to 13 unless instructors indicated that they are not part of the exam.
(b) the self guided field trip to Camosun Bog (Lecture 7) and the field visit to UBC Farm (Lecture 11).
(c) all required readings in lectures 1 to 13

What type of questions will be part of the midterm.

There will be 16 multiple-choice questions (32% of total score, always one, and only one valid answer), six short answer questions (36%) and two long answer questions (32%). There will be no calculations on the exam.

Are there examples of exams from previous years?

We have uploaded you a sample midterm exam from 2016 including answer key:

Note that our course was taught by different instructors on the human geography part, so topics covered in 2016 might have been slightly different and you may not answer all of the questions.

Can I use notes, books or other materials?

No. There are no notes, books nor any other materials allowed during the midterm.