GEOB 503 - Topics in Hydrology and Geomorphology

Course Description

This problem-based learning course is designed to introduce graduate students to data processing, manipulation and analysis using two commonly available programs (MATLAB and R). It is a hands-on course requiring students to work with the software to work on laboratory-style assignments during the scheduled class time. The objective of the course is to allow students to become sufficiently competent with these programs that they can use them during their graduate research. The examples used to develop the weekly assignments come from research projects in hydrology and geomorphology. The course is intended for all graduate students in the natural sciences who will be taking a quantitative, analytical approach to their research.

Syllabus, Textbook etc.

The course syllabus is your primary reference for all grade distributions, policies, dates and expectations for this course.

The textbooks and readings assigned for this course can be found on the course website or online.

The software you will use (MATLAB and R) is available in the computer lab (rm 239), but you MUST install R BEFORE the first class on January 5, 2012. To install R on your machine, proceed as follows:

You are also strongly encouraged to install MATLAB on your own computers. It can be purchased from the Matworks website or from the UBC Bookstore.


Brett Eaton
Office: Geography Room 232
Phone: 604.822.2257
Email: brett (dot) eaton (at) ubc (dot) ca
Office hours: T, 14:00 to 16:00

Sean Fleming
Email: sean (dot) fleming (at) ec (dot) gc (dot) ca
Office hours:via e-mail

Dan Moore
Office: Geography Room 225
Phone: 604.822.3538
Email: dan (dot) moore (at) geog (dot) ubc (dot) ca
Office hours: TBA

Readings, Notes and Lab Assignments

Week #1: Introduction to R for data analysis and programming

Week #2: Regression analysis

Week #3: Multiple regression analysis

Week #4: Nonlinear regression analysis

Week #6: Introduction to MATLAB & Solving Equations

Week #7: Using While Loops to find roots and max/min values of a function

Week #9: Solution of ordinary differential equations

Week #10: Sensitivity analysis

Week #11: MATLAB exam

Week #12: Spectral analysis

Week #13: Trend analysis