Geography 402
Air Pollution Meteorology

We intend to cover the following topics:

A. Fundamentals of Air Pollution

    1. Sources
    2. Transformations
    3. Sinks
    4. Effects
    5. Measurements and Monitoring
    6. Control

B. Air Pollution Meteorology

    1. Scales of Air Pollution Transport

2. Advection
    a. Global - Continental
    b. Regional - Urban
    c. Local

3. Dispersion

    a. Diffusion
    b. Turbulence
    c. Atmospheric Boundary Layer Structure
    d. Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows

C. Air Pollution Modelling

    1. Deposition Processes

2. Theory of Turbulent Diffusion
    a. Governing Equations
    b. Turbulence Closures

3. The Gaussian Model

4. Lagrangian vs. Eulerian Models

    a. Regional and Urban Models
    b. Long Range Transport of Air Pollutants