Projects & Assignments

       IMPORTANT: assignments  represent INDIVIDUAL pieces of work. However, I encourage  students to work together in groups to  master techniques and materials relevant to the assignments. Final writeups will however be  necessarily  individual. Instances of plagiarism will be dealt with severely.

      Assignment 1: Lower Fraser Valley Air Quality
This introductory assignment is designed to introduce you the analysis of air quality data. In particular, the
        Objectives are:  
     Assignment 2: Hysplit Trajectories

Hypothetical accident at nuclear establishment producing massive release of radioactive materials into the mid troposphere.

     Assignment 3: Gaussian Plume Modelling - Screen 3
Use a Gaussian  model in screening mode to assess the impact of emission parameters (e.g. stack height and diameter, plume temperature) and meteorology on
      ground level concentrations.

Online Gaussian Model

Onlline Gaussian Plume Calculator - needs Java...

Online calculater (equation)


   Poster Symposium Project description
Create a poster related to an Air quality issue in the Lower Fraser Valley region.

Fine POWERPOINT POSTER TEMPLATE for 24 inch X 36 inch poster HERE

  Old project materials (find MetroVancouver Incinerator Materials here):