Traverse Data

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No Traverse Date Type Traverse Measurements Weather at Airport Protocol Goolge Earth Layers Map (Temp.) Map (CO2)
105 27-Jan-2017 Evening Traverse
(7 - 10 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170127.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170127.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170127.xls Download PDF-file P170127.pdf Download PDF-file T170127.kml
Download PDF-file C170127.kml
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106 30-Jan-2017 Daytime Traverse
(12 - 3 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170130.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170130.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170130.xls Download PDF-file P170130.pdf Download PDF-file T170130.kml
Download PDF-file C170130.kml
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107 01-Feb-2017 Evening Traverse
(7 - 10 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170201.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170201.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170201.xls Download PDF-file P170201.pdf Download PDF-file T170201.kml
Download PDF-file C170201.kml
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108 15-Feb-2017 Evening Traverse
(7 - 10 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170215.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170215.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170215.pdf Download PDF-file P170215.pdf Download PDF-file Download PDF-file
109 17-Feb-2017 Daytime Traverse
(12 - 3 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170217.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170217.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170217.xls Download PDF-file P170217.pdf Download PDF-file T170217.kml
Download PDF-file C170217.kml
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110 27-Feb-2017 Evening Traverse
(7 - 10 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170227.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170227.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170227.xls Download PDF-file P170227.pdf Download PDF-file T170227.kml
Download PDF-file C170227.kml
Download PDF-file Download PDF-file
111 28-Feb-2017 Daytime Traverse
(12 - 3 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170228.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170228.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170228.xls Download PDF-file P170228.pdf Download PDF-file T170228.kml
Download PDF-file C170228.kml
Download PDF-file Download PDF-file
112 01-Mar-2017 Evening Traverse
(7 - 10 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170301.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170301.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170301.xls Download PDF-file P170301.pdf Download PDF-file Download PDF-file
113 03-Mar-2017 Evening Traverse
(7 - 10 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170303.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170303.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170303.xls Download PDF-file P170303.pdf Download PDF-file Download PDF-file
114 06-Mar-2017 Daytime Traverse
(12 - 3 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170306.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170306.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170306.xls Download PDF-file P170306.pdf Download PDF-file Download PDF-file
115 08-Mar-2017 Evening Traverse
(7 - 10 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170308.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170308.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170308.xls Download PDF-file P170308.pdf Download PDF-file T170308.kml
Download PDF-file C170308.kml
Download PDF-file Download PDF-file
116 10-Mar-2017 Daytime Traverse
(12 - 3 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170310.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170310.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170310.xls Download PDF-file P170310.pdf Download PDF-file Download PDF-file
117 13-Mar-2017 Evening Traverse
(7 - 10 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170313.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170313.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170313.pdf Download PDF-file P170313.pdf Download PDF-file Download PDF-file
118 16-Mar-2017 Evening Traverse
(7 - 10 pm)
Download Data in Excel-file T170316.xls
Download Data in Text-ASCII-format T170316.csv
Download Data in Excel-file W170316.xls Download PDF-file P170316.pdf Download PDF-file Download PDF-file

General Resources

Download PDF-file Map book of traverse route.
Download PDF-file List of all route markers.

You can read and analyze the .xls files using the free spreadsheet software included in open office

You can use either the data in .xls or .csv format (depending on your software). They contain the same data.

You can open and visualize .kml files in the free Google Earth. The files with the prefix "T" contain measured temperature departures from the traverse mean temperature (uncorrected), the files with the prefix "C" contain measured carbon-dioxide mixing ratios.