Course Description (aka the Syllabus)
Instructor Brian Klinkenberg (brian.klinkenberg at ubc dot ca )
Office Room 209
Lab Room 115--official lab Room 239--independent work
TAs Alex Mitchell Office hours: As noted in the left panel
Class Time Section 201 Tuesday & Thursday 11:00-12:20, Room GEOG 212
Lab Time L2A
GEOG 115
GEOG 115
GEOG 115
Lab Fee A departmental lab fee of $20 is charged to cover computer use, as Alex will explain to you. You will be given a permanent username and password after paying your lab fee. You will also need to purchase some printing credits.
Text The digital (PDF) text is the "Principles of remote sensing: An introductory textbook" (Tempfli, K., N. Kerle, G.C. Huurneman and L.L.F. Janssen, Editors). 2009, published by the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC). If you do a Google search for that title you'll find links to the PDF that you can then download.
Lab Manual We will be using two sets of manuals this year. The main lab manual will be "Image Analysis with ArcGIS 10". You can download the original version from here (PDF). Note, however, that I will be editing the document and creating 'labs' for this course (reflecting, for example, different directories for storing the data in the Departmental Computing Lab).

The supplementary manual wll be the text "Remote Sensing Analysis in an ArcMap Environment". This text is available on Amazon here for $2.65. You will also need to download the free Kindle reader (links to the reader are on the text page). The supplementary manual provides an introduction to ArcGIS (Chapters 1-6) for those unfamiliar with the program, as well as instructions on how to obtain free data from the USGS. It also covers much of the same material as presented in the main lab manual, but from a slightly different perspective (and includes links to YouTube videos that demonstrate the concepts as well).

Grading Lab Exercises

Class participation
Final Project

Final Exam
30% (see course schedule for description of labs)

5% (no midterm exam this year)
30% (see course project for description of the final project)


A penalty of 1 mark per day will be deducted for late labs, 1% a day deducted for late final projects (off-of the 30%). You must hand in late labs before the class has the lab handed back (for most labs, this means you have a maximum of one week after the lab is due to hand it in). If you are unable to complete a lab in time, you must contact your TA before the lab is due.

Note that University policy dictates that the final determination of marks must follow the official Faculty of Arts guidelines for the distribution of marks. You must complete all labs and the final project in order to pass the course.


Last date for withdrawal without a W on your transcript: Wed, Jan 18th.

The University accommodates students with disabilities who have registered with the Disability Resource Centre. The University accommodates students whose religious obligations conflict with attendance, submitting assignments, or completing scheduled tests and examinations. Please let your instructor know in advance, preferably in the first week of class, if you will require any accommodation on these grounds. Students who plan to be absent for varsity athletics, family obligations, or other similar commitments, cannot assume they will be accommodated, and should discuss their commitments with the instructor before the drop date.