Forest Fires in Canada


Data Sources
Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (

  • 2003 Lost Creek Fire Shapefile
Canada Land Inventory (
GeoBase (
  • DEMs
Government of Alberta (
  • General Fire Statistics
UBC Geography Department (
  • NTS Topography Sheets

Print and Other Sources

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There are many people who helped to make this project possible, so therefore we would like to thank them for all of their time and help.

  • Dr. Brian Klinkenberg, our instructor.
  • Jose Aparicio, lab supervisor.
  • Alejandro Cervantes-Larios, our TA.
  • Anja Tolman, Digital Data Sales and Distribution at BC Ministry of Forests and Range
  • BC Ministry of Forests and Range
  • Alberta Sustainable Resource Development

This project was created by:

  • Jason Knight
  • Jennifer Gerbig
  • Zach Whitman